December 15, 2016

Why to stay away from guides about wedding trends

playful bride

The end of the year is so close I can already smell the sparklers and hear the champagne bottles’ pop.

And you know what comes with the end of the year? Endless guides and posts about the trends to ditch and the ones to embrace in the upcoming wedding season. And fewer things upset me more than those guides! I can’t help but feel like they are an attack to past couples who have chosen those styles and trends, when they really don’t deserve them.  I am writing this post to encourage you to STAY AWAY from them, if you are planning your wedding for 2017 or beyond. Why? Let me give you a list of reasons:

1. It’s stressful to try to stay relevant. Try staying true to yourself instead.

If you focus on what’s authentically YOU instead of what’s IN at the moment, no one will be able to hold it against you. Your wedding will be personal, different from any other because you are different from everyone else!

2. Doing what is really your style will be a treasured memory in the future.

Even though you might change your taste and grow over the years, looking back at your own wedding will give you a glimpse of exactly who you were at that moment. And isn’t this so much better than looking at something and think: “oh, that was what was on trend in 2017!”?

3. These guides and lists of do’s and don’t s feel a lot like bullying.

Who says you can’t use blackboards or jars anymore just because they have been used before? If they are a part of your style, if those are things that you would use in your everyday life, if you’d decorate your house with them, then they are YOU. So go for it, no matter what the “expert” says.

4. Everything has done before and everything will look dated in the future.

Oh, yes. With hundreds of weddings and shoots created every day, there is very little room for fresh and unique ideas that are completely original. So searching for something different from what’s popular at the moment just to be apart from everyone else won’t go a long way! And in the future, everything will look like it came from this era, because literally everything else will have evolved. So don’t stress about originality and focus on authenticity.

Did I convince you 🙂 ? How do you feel about this topic? Let me know in the comments or come on over my social media channels to chat about it!