January 28, 2013

Valeria + Maurizio

Working for Valeria and Maurizio was such a pleasure. They are so laid back, simple and enjoy the really important things in life, they are such interesting individuals and work wonderfully together. They wanted their way of living their life reflected in their wedding and I was so happy to help! And qhat to say about the result, I’m so pleased and excited! The lovely Lisa Poggi did a fantastic job capturing the clean and fresh atmosphere that we designed and the emotions of the day. Oh was it moving! I usually tear up a little bit every time, but Maurizio’s speech dedicated to Valeria made me weep like a baby! Valentina of Cut and Paste worked her magic with the graphic design and interpreted the timeless but modern vibe of the event perfectly. The overall effect was so fresh, refined but relaxed and fun too… I’m so proud. A couple of words from Valeria:

I remember my wedding day very fondly, i have sored some mementos in a white wooden box, next to some lavender sprigs. Next to it a basket with some cherries, not far from there a polaroid shot of our friends. The emotions in our loved ones and the affection of our closest friends, with peonies’ perfume and the sound of laughter. My husband next to me. 

I was one of the brides that stalks through wedding blogs for months, pinning images and so many ideas here and there. And I was dreaming of a customized stationery, jars full of beautiful blooms, long tables with our smiling friends. And then… we made it all come true! We started thinking of so many ways we could celebrate and then we looked for someone to help us. When we decided to ask Laura to assist us I didn’t know much about her. I had read her blog, seen her weddings. Then we met and I had the feeling we could click whan she told me: so, you want a fun party more than a stiff traditional wedding, don’t you? Well, yes! It was very easy from the start to share Ideas and taste and she worked passionately at our event design and directed the day with much attention to detail, and she also introduced us to some very appreciated vendors. the rest was brought in by our fantastic family and friends and of course by us, we couldn’t stop smiling at each other! 

Wedding planning & coordination: me!
Photography: Lisa Poggi
Graphic design: Valentina di Cut and Paste
Location: Casa Del Vino
Flowers: F5 lab
Guestbook, ring pillow and cake topper: il Ghirigoro