Italy wedding destinations

Italy is a relatively small Country, but it offers so much variety in terms of landscape, culture, nature, customs, and atmosphere.

Here, you can find the perfect location to match your personality and find the best spot to host your destination wedding.

Apulia & Matera

The Lakes

Amalfi Coast

& Sorrento

Tuscany & Umbria

Postcard landscapes everywhere you turn, the heart of Italy is dotted with infinite vineyards, olive groves, sunflower fields and cypress line winding roads. Villas, Castles and restored farmhouses are the perfect venues and taste the best wines and genuine cuisine, and enjoy relaxed elegant soirees under a starry sky.

Lake Como, Garda and Maggiore, here you can mix with the international jet set and experience true luxury. Reach one of the exclusive villas that embellish the coasts by boat and let your guests be swept away by a feeling of pure untouched elegance and refinement.

Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and Praiano, these colorful jewels perched on the cliffs overlooking the bluest sea, are waiting for you. Between their pastel color houses and buganvillee climbing on all walls, here you'll really have a taste of La Dolce Vita. Better enjoyed wile touring the coast on a boat!

White washed buildings, charming trullos cone shaped farms, baroque facade, never ending olive tree fields, and clear blue sea water, these lands await you with their warmth, unfussy elegance, and bohemian soul. Perfect for the adventurers, and the lovers of beach life, but also pasta and burrata aficionados



The Dolomites

Sicily & Islands

The less beaten path

Venice Elopement Piazza San Marco Igor Albanese Photography Laura Bravi Events

Raw, pure and untouched beauty, once you get acclimated here you'll never want to leave. Unique landscape and baroque art, Sicily and its islands are where history meets nature.

Warm hospitality, the most luxurious food you'll ever taste complete a life changing experience. Your guests will thank you forever.

A year round destinations, Italy's most famous mountains offer something for everyone. The sky lovers, the hikers, the ones that like are simply in love with the magnificent views. Fairytale castles and charming resorts are ready to offer a vacation and event setting that will be unexpected and memorable

Italy is so much more than the travel guide or the wedding trends let you see. Come with us to the Langhe and Collio, let us take you to discover Emilia Romagna and Tuscia, get lost in Marche's hills and sea, let Abruzzo's landscape take your breath away, and more. Ask us about where we can make your Italian experience unique.

Rome, Venice, Florence and more art cities, the glorious historical and artistic past of Italy express themselves the best in its cities. Next to the past, the present is ready with the best restaurant, hotels, and shopping destinations. Palaces, villas, hotels and cozy inns will be the perfect venues for unforgettable and unique events


MY FAVORITE SPOTS IN ITALY for romantics at heart

the perfect canvas to paint your dream on

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” – Giuseppe Verdi