January 25, 2013


I wrote this about me post in july 2010. I’m still like that.
I rarely wear jewelry, just earrings every now and then.
I have been vegeterian for 18 years, but I’m addicted to chocolate.

When I focus on something I don’t see or hear anything or anyone. .
I like who’s fresh and transparent, I hate who hides behind convoluted words.
I am a simple person
Fashion scares me

I prefer going slow and whispered words.
I would change so much about me but my freckles.
I never wear high heels, what a shame.

I live in the countryside
I like it but I miss riding my bike in town

I was a good student and I enjoyed it .
I am a little messy but I always find what I’m looking for.
My family comes first.

Treat me gently, I’m fragile.
It takes me some time to trust people.
I’m a music snob, if its commercial there is a 90% chance I don’t like it.

I feel so lucky for the people I’ve been meeting.
I laugh when I’m nervous.

Image credits on the original post