April 23, 2013

Say Yep

Hello! Let me introduce you to a project I care about very deeply. Today SAY YEP is born; it’s an italian wedding web magazine in which I am honored to take part together with people that I really value a lot. We met a t the end of last sumemr and we started fatasizing, then planning, then making. Well, the result, in my humble opinion, is very fresh and young, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it has a DIY and handmade approach that we hope is going to push you to want to make too, to play with us.

I had a lot of fun, I could let my imagination flow and I could work alongside old and new cooperators and I have slowly but surely gained some new friends.

I dont’ want to tell you too much, I encourage you to go to the SAY YEP brand new website and have a look. I hope you like it, handle it delicately please!


Here is the fantastic team I could work alonside to. Some of them you have seen here already, some are new, it doesn’t matter, I guarantee they are all special!

Giuli&GiordiIlaria Martina e Lucia,Valentina, Miriam. The heart of the project.

Our contributors, that have employed their hands and minds in this: Andrea, Sofia, Alessandra, Rebecca, Elena e Paolo, Poesie sposa , Lazzari, GeB, Irene Foschetti and Simona Maccioni, Francesca and Maria.

And who lent us their face, our models: MariaGiulia, Chiara, Giulia, Alberto and Andrea.

Thank you all so much and until next time!