July 2, 2015

Rebranding chronicles: the name

Why rebranding? I have introduced the topic here: what Trendinozze is now doesn’t represent anymore what me and business have become.

Let’s start with the name.

Trendinozze, once Tren di Nozze, is a play on words born in 2009, when I opened my first blog, one of the first wedding themed blogs in Italy. The mission behind the blog was to give me a creative outlet and to help educating about a new way to conceive a wedding. There was no pinterest, no information overload,  wedding blogs were just a few and not really too known here, italian weddings were still mostly stale traditions and not much personality. Binding my blog to the concept of trend made sense, I wanted to show everybody what forward thinking brides were doing overseas, what a color palette could do (shocking, I know) , that new, exciting things could be done! So I was scouring the web for inspiration and the most quirky and trendy real weddings to share, having a lot of fun with it. Then some of you asked me to help them with their weddings, and one after the other the idea to make a job out of it came to life. When I took the leap and started offering wedding planning services, the name stuck. Because I thought it was crazy to change it, it was quite recognized, I was afraid I was going to lose what I had built in those years.

with time, two important things changed

-how weddings are perceived in Italy: I don’t have to convince anybody that there is a different way to plan a wedding anymore. Though a lot of the industry is still stuck in the 80’s, most couples are exposed daily to beautiful, thoughtful, contemporary wedding inspiration

-my mission: my purpose isn’t to design weddings that are trendy or fashionable, it never was. What should come out of a wedding is the couple, its personality. Of course good taste, innovative ideas, harmony, beauty, are all things I try to infuse in my designs, but they are not trends, they don’t come and go. You can buy a new bag every season, but you shouldn’t get tired of your wedding after a short time.

So, my old name doesn’t really make sense anymore for a business that is founded on these values. This, and the fact that my non italian couples can’t pronounce it, remember it. I need a change, I need it soon. But after almost seven years, I’m scared, I’ll admit it.

Will you follow also with a new name? Though it won’t be that new, actually? Will I be able to change all the social media handles without making a mess? There’s still time, I’m in the early stages of the process… but the change is coming.