End of the year post: new year goals and wishes for 2017

December 28, 2016

Laura Bravi Events New Year Goals

Hello hello!

With a full belly from all the Christmas food and leftovers and a heart full for having spent a lot of quality time with my kids and family, I am sitting down to write the end of the year post!

Much like last year I will go over what I achieved and learnt during the latest 12 months, if I met my goals, and how I am approaching the year to come. I’ll begin saying this hasn’t been an easy year. I lost my grandpa the first day of the year, almost one year ago, and later other two family members. I have been upset and devastated by a lot of things that have happened in the world and in my own country. I have spent months hidden at home with a sick toddler that seemed to never get better. All of this working really really hard. I love working so this was not the issue, but I have spread myself thin in one or two occasions at least and had to make a huge effort to get back on track.

And now… what worked:

In business I:

-managed to book and execute the exact number of weddings that I had set to. All of them were beautiful and inspiring and this makes me so proud.

-made a truce with book keeping, by upgrading to an include billing platform. Why didn’t I think of it before? It made my life so much easier.

This year in personal matters I:

-balanced work/life a little better than the year before establishing clearer boundaries within myself. Not all of this was perfect, see above!

-didn’t lose all the weight I wanted to… BUT. I took a big step towards self care and managing myself better to keep my health as good as possibile. I hired a fitness coach and I am following her directions religiously, and don’t plan to stop. I am not where I’d like to be yet but I am definitely working towards it, doing my best and feeling so much better.

What didn’t work:

-Very frankly, I didn’t make the money I needed to. Taxes came and didn’t leave much of anything and I though I had saved enough to plan them, I couldn’t make some investment in my business I had wanted to make. I have already raised my prices when I rebranded in late 2015 and haven’t moved up from there, so this is something I still need to work on.

-A busy business year and being present at home meant I sacrificed my social life a lot. I haven’t done a very good job of being a friend and I haven’t actually lived much outside of my house except for business outings. I need to work on this a lot.

-I haven’t gone back to writing on the blog here as much as I had wanted to. It’s getting better lately, since I gave up on writing in two languages. Now it takes less time and it doesn’t feel like an endless task to me anymore, so I might keep this up a little better in the future.

And now, my 2017 GOALS!

-Keep working on all of the above!

-A secret number of amazing weddings to book and execute. It’s not a secret, it’s the same as last year! My goal is to serve my couples at best and keep refining the planning process and my methods, to give them the best client experience I can. The end goal is to have amazing weddings for them, but also to achieve them in the best way possible. Automation, processes, resources, Putting everything in order is the focus of my early 2017.

-Start sharing. For the first time I am feeling prepared and experienced enough to want to share what I have learnt up to now with others wanting to work in this industry. My goal is to figure out how and start working on it. It could be speaking? It could be mentoring? It could be participating at workshops or even creating one? Could it be offering services to professional working in this industry? I am thinking out loud here, if you have any suggestion feel free to hit me up via commenting or writing directly to me at laura@laurabravi.com

And now my best wishes to you for a wonderful New Year! I hope it’s full of love and that you achieve your goals and get to spend your time with passion.

Hugs and kisses!