January 27, 2013

My wedding

Me and Igor got married almost 5 years ago. Oh how things have changed in these 5 years!

At the time I didn’t know much about weddings, the wedding blog world was still an almost untouched land and there wasn0t the overabundance of inspiration that shortly after became available for everybody.

Wow how thin and blond I was!

mywedding1 mywedding2 mywedding3 mywedding4 mywedding5 mywedding6 mywedding7 mywedding8 mywedding9

Foto: Michela Zucchini

If I had to redo everithing today I would change so many things, espetially some design details, the colors and some other small things. But I wouldn’t change the approach we had towards the planning and the day itself. We wanted a party that felt like us… and we had it.

It was an informal day, fun, very simple but everybody sang its praise. I understood since that day that I could help other brides and couples putting together a special day that could speak about them, not about family traditions alone or the time’s trends.

And five years later… here I am, still doing that!