The Love Affair 2017 – my visit report

November 8, 2017
The Love Affair 2017 - Taala

Hi friends!

During the last weekend I had the great pleasure to attend The Love Affair ‘s fourth edition. I haven’t missed one since it started and I don’t plan on missing any in the future! This scent, dedicated to creative weddings in Italy, is the only one worth attending, in my humble opinion, on Italian land at least. It’s the only event in which each exhibitor is chosen carefully and with the contemporary couple in mind. Couples that look for attention to detail, innovation, creativity, care, inspiration, these can find here true value, and not old and stuffy exhibits that repeat themselves, always the same, year after the year.

My experience began with the preview dinner opened to the press and a few people in the industry, on Friday night. What a night! Me and my favorite wedding photographer and plus one had a blast, enjoyed a delicious dinner provided by Scotti ricevimenti, enjoyed the setting carefully created by the event creators and sponsors: le Jour du Oui, Il Profumo dei Fiori, Cut and paste Lab, Tableset Rentals, Desafinado music planner. I also had a lot of fun and could reconnect with amazing friends in the industry that I can rarely meet face to face. So nice!


The Love Affair 2017 - Press dinner

On Saturday I went back again to visit each stand with more attention. I tried take pictures of it all but I forgot somewhere between the first room and the coffee corner. Oops. I have the attention span of Dori, I know.

Luckily I have a testimony of a few things that caught my eye the most.  Here is me, getting distracted.


The Love Affair 2017

would begin with Sofia and Valentina’s wonderful spaces. Cut and Paste Lab and Il Profumo dei Fiori‘s did a great job of showcasing their best work with extreme style and care. I am so proud to be able to work with them on most of my weddings. Following the all white leit motif of the entire event, both artists created settings full of little details in which getting lost was a real pleasure.


 The Love Affair 2017 - Il Profumo dei FioriThe Love Affair 2017 - Laure de SagazanThe Love Affair 2017 - Cut and Paste LabThe Love Affair 2017 - Cut and Paste LabThe Love Affair 2017 - Cut and Paste Lab

Next to them, the two exhibitors I fell in love with at first sight: Tableset Luxury Rentals and Taala. Both work with ceramics, but in such a different way!

Tableset Luxury rentals offers plates, cutlery and glassware that is so refined, elegant and fun, and you can hire them to make your wedding reception truly unique. You don’t need to settle for plain anymore, that’s right. Cristina did a wonderful job of selecting some amazing lines and i can’t wait to incorporate them into my next projects.

The other ceramist is Taala. Tatiana uses porcelain and other apparently hard materials to create bridal accessories that are so magical and romantic, perfect for a contemporary princess bride. I am seriously  considering having something made for me to wear, even at home in case I don’t have other occasions. Lovely!

The Love Affair 2017 - Tableset RentalsThe Love Affair 2017 - Tableset RentalsThe Love Affair 2017 - Tableset RentalsThe Love Affair 2017 - TaalaThe Love Affair 2017 - Taala

Anniel’s shoes, simply my weakness when it comes to bridal shoes!

The Love Affair 2017 - Anniel

And last, Grigiocielo Studio‘s botanical/industrial artisanal space. I recently worked with these talented ladies on a project I can’t wait to share, and I am sure they’ll do great things, watch out!

The Love Affair 2017 - Grigiocielo Studio

Many other friends and amazing artists were present at the fair and I am sure that you0’ll see wonders from them on their own channels and on The Love Affair’s own social media and blog. To name a few: My Golden Age Lab, Linneo archivable clothing, Alessia Baldi, Vintage Photobus, Margherita Calati, Piccolo Seeds, Letterink, Fikus Puglia… and so many more!

For anyone looking for a team of creatives to get on board for their unique and unconventional wedding, The Love Affair is the place to look at!