January 25, 2013

Leonardo’s first birthday

Planning Leonardo’s first birthday was a really fun experience for me. It was also tiring, but very satisfiying in the end, since I could fine a little outlet for my  creativity.

I am not a fan of children’s cartoons, so since Leonardo’s too little to express his preferences… I chose the theme: a vintage circus!
a good dose of blue red and white stripes qith a splash of blue , flags, pop corn but most of all many friends to celebrate my little love!

He had a blast, crawling here and there, unwrapping gifts and hugging and cooing to anybody!  I was so proud of my boy.

strawberries and marshmallows are the next big thing. Who knew?

monogrammed cookies

we had a sort of photobooth with circus characters and leonardo’s first year in pictures.

Update: I’m beginning to plan the… 4th birthday! How time flies!