November 17, 2016

Bridal inspiration on the hills of Bologna with Igor Albanese Photography

Let me show you romantic bridal session with Igor Albanese Photography on the Bologna hills today!

A month or so ago I partnered with my amazing life-partner, best friend, husband, better half, etc, Igor, on a styled shoot we put together to give his portfolio a little refresh. We had about a week to pull it all together, before the weather got too rigid. We also wanted to keep it simple, and create a handful of good images.

But if you know me, you know I have a hard time doing “a little”. It was supposed to be just a model in a beautiful dress, but somehow a styled table, a cake, flowers, stationery and accessories appeared in our plans.  I had the luck of finding the right people to help us out and I want to thank them here too:

Boutique Alba: Donatella created the dress from scratch for the shoot, in a week time. Isn’t it amazing? Thank you so so much! They also provided the amazing Jenny Packham accessories.

Barbara prettified our already beautiful model Elena and served us with her talent and grace as usual!

Il Profumo dei Fiori provided the stunning bouquet and lent us the golden silverware I used on the table

-Michela of RougeAtelier not only has been helping me on weddings the past season, she also created the stationery. And it was amazing!

Villa Stagni let us do whatever we wanted in their location. It was a dream come true for me to do something in this amazing place, full of history and charme, with a view to die for on the surrounding hills. Amazing spot.

And of course my beloved husband and photographer for this shoot, Igor Albanese. He is behind so many of the pictures I share and use here on the website and on social media. He’s booking his 2017 weddings right now, go check his work!

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